The Faces of Okizu

Hey COCA-I Family, as some of you might have seen our friends at Camp Okizu fell victim to the wildfires that have been plaguing the west coast. During these fires Camp Okizu’s site has been severely damaged and the place that so many campers and families call home will have to be rebuilt from the ground up. One thing that we pride ourselves on at COCA-I is the amazing community that is always there for each other, whenever one may need it. Right now, our friends behind the green gate need it more than ever. Below is a link to a website in which we encourage you to take a few moments and upload a picture or video just letting Camp Okizu know that you are thinking about them and here for them throughout this process. We have all seen the impact that virtual programs and encouragement can have on our campers and what better way to be there for our Okizu family than to show them some virtual support.

In some way Okizu is a state of mind combined with the everlasting memories and joyful experiences of those who have passed through over the years. Fire will never touch those.

If you would like to express your support, just upload a photo or video below. Please keep the video length to 30 seconds of less.

We will edit the files together into an expression of our support for Okizu.

Don't delay. This form will close on Friday September 18th.

Include any comments you would like to forward to Okizu.
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Video formats: avi,mp4, wmv. Size limited to 1 gb